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I Think You're Awesome


Kiss Your Darlings encourages you to kiss the ones and the things you like. Hold on to yourself and do what you love with who you love.

-Jens Mikkel Madsen










CHINATOWN! by Ornithopter

The opening track on their new album ‘Tordenkaffe’

Kasper Staub Trio

Strøg // Digital Release

‘Strøg’ is the third album from the trio consisting of Kasper Staub, Jens Mikkel and Anders Vestergaard. The musicians are known as members of bands such as Lowly, Fabel, Yes Deer, Jacob Anderskov Trio, I Think You’re Awesome and Cancer.

The trio was formed in Aarhus, Denmark in 2010, and released their debut album ‘/’ in 2012 and was mentioned one of the best danish debut albums that year. Next album, ‘Havnepladen’, was released in 2014. It was distributed as just 100 12” copies in old, reversed record sleeves with handmade serigraphic print on each one of them.

‘Strøg’ points out a new direction to the trio. The entire album opens with the actual soundcheck (‘Zoom Out’), an improvised playing-around, that accidentally was being recorded during the session. It’s as if the grammophone needle was being dropped down somewhere in the middle of the record. This kind of sudden, unconcerned and liberated state of mind set an ideal mood for the album, that was recorded in two separate days during fall 2016.

‘Strøg’ translates into ‘Stroke’ or ‘Strokes’, that would symolize the trio’s approach to the album. The tunes are like twelve strokes from a painter’s brush, strokes that would need to be extremely focused and relaxed at the same time.

We find super minimalist, cyclic tunes such as ‘Aero’ and ‘Lent’, small rubato vignettes like ‘Dendrite’ and ”Zoom In’, groovy beats in ‘Felt’ and ‘Silk St’, beautiful waltsy ballads ‘An Ocean From Here’ and ‘Wave Train’ before the album closes with the powerful one-note composition ‘Ding’.





Kasper Staub



In collaboration with the french label Les Disques de L’ Accalmie, we are proud to present Aisle Arch Attic on a beautiful clear coloured vinyl, limited edition (50 pieces)

The tunes have been given new life in the vinyl format, and two exclusive synthsizer-tracks are to be found solely on the vinyl.

Sleeve notes written by Simon Raymonde (Ex Cocteau Twins and owner of UK label Bella Union).

Aisle Arch Attic is the title of pianist and composer Kasper Staub’s solo piano debut album.
The album contains nine short pieces for piano, unfolding in a genreless and beauty-striving universe of sound.
All tracks have come to life as spontaneous compositions in the studio and recorded directly on reel-to-reel tape recorder, which has brought a strong focus and presence to the process of recording.
Kasper Staub (b. 1988) is currently most active in the upcoming indie quintet Lowly who released the EP ‘Sink Way Into Me’ in 2015 and now working on their debut album for international label Bella Union.
Besides, he is active as a pianist and composer in various settings across genres; his own trio, with two acclaimed albums in the catalogue, ‘/’ (2012) and ‘Havnepladen’ (2014), his collaboration with Under Byens Katrine Stochholm in Islets of Dust (‘People & Birds’ 2012) plus works for choir and string orchestra among other.


Visual Album & CD


FABEL is a trio formed by trumpeter Jakob Sørensen, who we already know from his band ‘Bagland’.

Jens Mikkel Madsen (I Think You’re Awesome) and Kasper Staub (Lowly, Kasper Staub Trio) fulfill the trio.

The nordic sound is blossoming, and the interplay between the three musicians is soothing.

Footage by André Hansen




Line Up: Jakob Sørensen - Trumpet  //  Kasper Staub - Piano  //  Jens Mikkel Madsen - Double Bass


I Just Came From The Moon

Hoax // Debut album


Hoax on LP vinyl


I Just Came From The Moon has a homogeneous and highly personal expression. The music ranges from the very intimate and fragile, to the all-embracing and challenging, where the strong solo performances and compositions invite the listener to an organic and lyrical universe.

Hoax is the result of an intensive six months, where the band has played concerts in most of Denmark and achieved a unique sound that embraces and extends bassist Frederik Hagner’s compositions. The music is an expression of a collective musical flow that covers everything from country ballads to ostinato-based improvisation.

The album is released digitally and on 12″ vinyl and enclosed by Kasper Knudsen’s intense painting.


Line up:

Jonas Scheffler – Trumpet

Nis Hellerøe Myrtue – Tenor Saxophone

Nikolaj Bugge – Guitar

Tobias Andreasen – Drums

Frederik Hagner – Bass


Nomad - EP Vinyl

10″ vinyl

Jakob Sørensen is now releasing his second album as a bandleader. Since finishing his studies in Aarhus Jakob Sørensen has been working on the record NOMAD, which stylistic is a natural sequel to the debut album Bagland.

The evocative cover has been created by the international recognized artist Nedko Solakov. Both the cover picture and the simple design, designed by Andreas Nordström creates clear references to the Nordic landscape, from which Jakob Sørensen finds so inspiring.

NOMAD track list:

1: Eick


3: Brave Men

4: The Mountain That Disappeared




Jakob Sørensen – trumpet

Frederik Sakham Lomborg – double bass

Mathias Jæger – piano

Alex Jønsson – guitar

Frej Vammen Lesner – drums


Frekvens Frekvens


Frekvens Frekvens presents their debut album, Vandborg.

The music is honest and earnest, connecting nordic jazz, contemporary classical music, the Danish songbook, avant-garde jazz and the free approach to music, and with an urge to seek limits. The album got its name from the town on the west coast that have offered room and atmosphere for this album to be made. The music is shaped in and by Vandborg.

The peace and clarity of the Danish West Coast’s is woven into this debut album. The compositions speak their own language, and tell stories of love, fear, hope and friendship.

We are all human, and that is what this music is about.


Frej Lesner – dr

Nis Hellerøe Myrtue – barytonsax

Mathias Jæger – pno/synth

Tejs Dragheim – b

I Think You're Awesome

Books & Books Live


Books & Books Live on CD

Books on LP vinyl

March 2016 sees I Think You’re Awesome releasing their two new albums Books and Books Live. The CD’s are preceded by a video-concert/documentary of the entire Books repertoire recorded at my, bandleader, bass player and composer Jens Mikkel Madsen’s childhood home.


The CD’s and video features the same 7 songs in different versions. All the tunes a loosely inspired by passages in some of my favorite Books, hence the name. Where the group’s first release “Løft mig op, så jeg kan nå” (Translates: Lift me up so I can reach) was a statement on how we need our friends and family to help us achieve our goals and dreams, and how we shouldn’t think any less of ourselves when accepting this help, “Books” is about how our shared cultural heritage as human beings from books, music, art and all the other things men and women use to express themselves, is an endless source of inspiration and means to understand our own being.


The reason for the joined release of both the live and studio-material is, that none of the records in itself paints the entire picture of I Think You’re Awesome. Being a group of both prominent Danish jazz- and pop musicians both the studio-work with its attention to detail in sound and layers and the freer vibe of a live- concert comes natural, and I think the tunes come to life in different ways in the different settings, and that it would feel unnatural not to show both sides of the band with these releases.


We call the music indiejazz. It’s playful, melodic, full of rhythm and groove and with an open ear for improvisation, but also drawing on inspiration from the harmony, melodies and most of all sound and feel of modern pop music.



Kasper Staub (studio) – piano and synth

Lars Fiil (live) – piano and synth

Alex Jønsson – guitar

Morten Kærup – guitar and banjo

Jens Mikkel – bass and synth

Andreas Skamby – drums

Frej Lesner – percussion

Jakob Sørensen


Bagland is the debut album by Aarhus-based trumpeter Jakob Sørensen.

The name Bagland is the danish word for constituency. It referes to the importance of remembering the cornerstone from where it was built, and the support from back home.

Bagland is also the name of the quintet consisting of five musicians, who all have their roots based in the scandinavian sound.

The music is composed in a deserted house on the countryside of Denmark among dunes and windy weather. The music is clearly marked by that. Lyrical and melancholic melodies characterizes the compositions and the sound is clean and fragile with obvious reference to the nordic sound.

The pictures from the awarded photographer Kirsten Klein has been used for the cover – which unites the music with the melancholic evocative pictures. It creates clear references to the Scandinavian sound.




Line Up:

Jakob Sørensen – trumpet
Alex Jønsson – guitar
Mathias Jæger – piano
Frederik Sakham – double bass
Frej Lesner – drums


Elm Trio




Taking a free improvisational approach to the sound of Danish folkloristic songs, Elm reinterprets what has been called the “Nordic sound”. Their compositions are greatly inspired by songs from Højskolesangbogen (The songbook of Danish folk schools) and Den Danske Salmebog (The Danish book of church hymns), and these melodies serves as references in their free improvisations.

“ELM trio manages to establish a new form of communal art, one that is not relying on old scriptures but suggests unorthodox and challenging ideas about beauty and community.”
– Eyal Hareuveni, salt peanuts





Mathias Jæger – piano and synth

Jakob Sørensen – trumpet

Frej Lesner – drums and percussion